2014 Mid-Year Roundup!

26 Jul

It has been an awesome journey so far! 2014 is a great year to go #BeyondLimits!

January – We officially offered our Mom’s and More class this year at 9am Mondays and Wednesdays!

January – Polecats Manila performed at Solaire

February – KINARA at Newport Theater, Resorts World

We also had a private class with DLSU Manila students

Feb 23 – We introduced our teacher training program this year and our teacher trainees graduated this month!

Feb 2014 – Super mom Polecat Nikki Dizon got featured in Good Housekeeping

Feb 7 – Amaya and Kayleen perform at Filinvest awards night

Feb 2014 – Weldome new Cats Nielsen, Miko, Vicky and Hannah!

Feb 2014 – Benefit Cosmetics

March 2014 – Our dance floors are better than ever!

March 15 – Tomcats Miko and Duds on showtime for Karylle’s birthday!

March 29 – Nikki Dizon featured in Working Mom magazine

Salcedo Sky Suites launch

April 9 – Studio’s 2nd year anniversary!

April 2014 – SG Pole Challenge doubles champion Margaret and Kayleen

SG Pole Challenge finalist Amaya Gonzales

Singapore Pole Challenge finalist Manuel Ignacio

April 25 – Color Fitness event at SM City Cebu

May 26 – We performed by the bay of Solaire Resort & Casino

April 26 – First Aid training with Philippine Red Cross

May 2014, Men’s Health features our Tomcats and Tigers

May 11 – We celebrated Mother’s Day at Resorts World for Fox International Channel’s Mother’s Day special event

May 11 - We performed at Trinoma Activity Center for Lifestyle Network and Working Mom magazine's Mother's Day event

May 11 – We performed at Trinoma Activity Center for Lifestyle Network and Working Mom magazine’s Mother’s Day event

#BeyondLimits: Polecats Manila 2014 photoshoot with Daemon Becker

May 2014 – Silks performance at Tijoe’s 25th Anniversary Celebration

May 29 – We all got to be flyers and bases with Poncho Cottier teaching us acro yoga!

June 7 – was the night we celebrate our students as they performed for our annual Summer Pole Recital “Stellar Goes Pop” at AFP Theater. It was also the first time we had 360 Fitness Club coaches perform with us! Plus, the debut performances of our Aerial Silk and Hoop students and our Moms and More class!

June 12 – We painted our #BeyondLimits wall!

June 14 – We had a workshop with Booster C contest winners!

June 14 – We performed at the SMART Araneta Coliseum for Royale Business Club event!

One of our students and teacher trainees Kiara Tesoro is now teaching at Footworks Dance Studio!

June 14 – We launched our classes at 360 Fitness Club Plus at the Fort! We also introduced a new class “Pole Play”.

July 12 – Polecats Margaret and Kayleen performed during Kawasaki’s launch of their new 250 SL motorcycle!

Beginner's pole workshop with NESTLE Drumstick and bloggers

July 12 – Beginner’s pole workshop with NESTLE Drumstick and bloggers

International Doubles Champions and proud Polecats Kayleen and Margaret were featured today on Unang Hirit, GMA 7!

July 14 – International Doubles Champions and proud Polecats Kayleen and Margaret were featured on Unang Hirit, GMA 7!

What’s next?

We just had our mid-year planning session and we are so excited for what we have in store for you all! More aweseome things to come, #beyondlimits!

Amihan – Indayog at Lahi Guest Photographers

6 Nov

Three days after Amihan, and we’re still on a Filipino folklore high!

Our 4th year anniversary celebration, in partnership with Eskritoryo Pilipinas and Meralco, was a fantastic night! After months of rehearsing, planning and creating, it all exploded in one night of performance and passion. We probably won’t be able to describe it well enough, which is why we are so glad to have had great photographer friends who captured the night for us :)

Click on their names to get to their wonderful albums! Thank you again to all of these great people, and enjoy the images! :)

Garry Soliman

Gerry Baclagon

Ann Dajon

Michael Gonzalez

Paolo Papsy 1

Paolo Papsy 2

Paolo Papsy 3

Soie Lisse : Making Beauty Easy

30 Jul

For pole fitness fanatics, a beauty care regimen has to be simple and easy.  We’re usually too busy trying to figure out new tricks or spending money on grip aids instead of fancy shmancy beauty products. And even if our pole outfits are teeny tiny, they can still get pretty pricey!

But that doesn’t mean we take our skin and beauty care for granted. We simply want to focus on products that do the job without all the fuss. Three main things are important to us: Effectivity, accessibility and value for money. Most of the time, it’s hard to find all three things in one place. That is, until we met Soie Lisse.


French for “smooth as silk”, Soie Lisse is the answer to every busy pole lover’s personal care needs. With just one click of a button, you can find yourself in an online store that has a diverse roster of high-quality products for a simple yet effective beauty regimen. Their choices range from skincare, makeup, hair and body products that are carefully selected for us Asian beauties. Yet another reason to check it out!

These are just some of the awesome products that you can find at Soie Lisse. A lot of the products are local-made too!

This online beauty store is a perfect place to visit for those lull days in between pole classes ;) Since their products are made especially for our Asian beauty, you can be sure to have hair that’s easy to flip during your number, or skin that doesn’t dry and flake during continuous pole days!

So come one ladies, all it takes is one easy-peasy click on this link, and you’ll find a wonderful online shopping experience that will enhance your beauty regimen. Discover the perfect product for you today! :)

{For more information on Soie Lisse, you can email email info@soielisse.com or help@soielisse.com.
You can also visit their facebook page.}

2013 Mid-Year Roundup!

1 Jul

With every year that comes, we gain new friends, amazing new students and experiences that even we, as a group, never thought possible. We’re halfway through 2013 and once again we stand amazed at all the great things that have taken place! Here’s what’s been happening so far:




AXA Xceeding Xcellence Awards Night, Marriott Hotel


To see the Spin.ph feature, click on this link!
Spin.ph feature

Amigo Terrace Hotel Club Launch, Iloilo City


GoldsGym JCenter2

GoldsGym JCenter

Gold’s Gym Pole Teacher Training, J-Center Mall Cebu



TV Guesting, GMA News TV’s “Taste Buddies”


Homegrown.ph feature



Polecats Manila Studio 1st year Anniversary



Ruby Karen (Orange County Aerial Arts) Aerial Teacher Training


EsteeCrystalNatasha2 EsteeCrystalNatasha3

Pole Stars Workshops with Estee Zakar, Natasha Wang and Crystal Lai


TV Guesting on Solar’s “Daybreak”


60th Birthday Party, Edsa Shangri-la Hotel

YogaPhoto from philstar.ph

Yoga For Life, Quezon Memorial Circle

TV Guesting on GMA News TV’s “Mars”



Stellar On Broadway, SM Sky Dome

White Party Manila, Malate

Maxima Machineries Inc, 25th Anniversary

So much more is coming our (and your!) way for the rest of 2013, and we hope that you stick with us through it all!

Join us today and take flight with Polecats Manila!

Pleased With My Pleasers

27 Jun

We learned how to pole dance bare-footed. We found it so much more comfortable to learn new tricks, especially the tougher ones, au naturel. Inspired by our pole idols, we worked on our lines and practiced our points — we really loved our feet!

We took this philosophy to the studio and made sure that our students learned all the foundations and basics on bare feet, to make sure that they learned everything properly and to avoid unnecessary injury.

But for a lot of performances, high heels are necessary for the costume or the concept, so we started to look for a brand that is stable, lightweight, comfortable and sticks to the pole!

That’s why we absolutely love, love, love our Pleaser shoes!




Pleaser shoes are perfect for learning how to dance in heels for the first time. They give the right amount of support and the height adds a lot of sexiness to your walk ;)

Here’s a testimonial from one of our students, Tin Villena, about her own collection of Pleaser shoes:

“I love shoes! Specifically with at least 4 inches of heels, since I’m petite. But most of the shoes I have, eventually kills my feet after a few minutes of wearing them. Then I saw the Pleaser shoes at the studio of Polecats. I checked them out, and even tried one on, even just for a few seconds. Teacher CD even saw me, and told me that those shoes are amazing. She said that you can even wear them when you go out on gimicks! So I checked the catalogue, and fell in love will almost everything on it. It felt like a dog drooling over a huge cut of steak.  So I ordered 5, and bought 1, which was in stock at the studio. Tried wearing one of them during the Polestars workshop (Polesque), and my feet didn’t even feel an inch of pain! Survived Pole In Heels class without my feet aching. I love them so much! Would definitely order more!”

If you want to have your very own pair of Pleaser shoes, then drop by the Polecats Manila studio and get them now! :) You can also check out our other Pole Goodies over at the Polecats Manila website. Happy shopping! :)

Pole Stars, Happy Students, Kind Words

23 May

A few weeks ago, we concluded yet another round of fantastic workshops that were given by Natasha Wang, Crystal Lai and Estee Zakar. It was such a joy to learn so many wonderful things from these amazing women, and we’re so glad we were able to give our students a chance to do so as well.

Here are some kind words from the students as well as our guest instructors about the Polestars Summer Workshops. We hope to always elevate your pole experience at Polecats Manila!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


A Kitten’s Tale: Triumph Over Tribulation

26 Feb

Ahlyxon Leyva is a Beginners 1 student of Polecats Manila. Here she shares how dancing has formed her heart and changed her life.


In performing I always say, dance like it is your last.

Since I was a little girl, i’ve dreamed of becoming a performer. I learned dancing a few moments after I learned how to walk. It’s because dancing runs in my blood. My father was a great choreographer in his teenage years. His forte was Funk, and he set aside school work because he was always so excited to take the stage. He was a member of VIP Dancers, the back-up dancers of Vilma Santos back in the ‘80s. He had a chance to perform in some of the noontime variety shows like Student Canteen and, on the latter part of his career, in Eat Bulaga.

But my father was like a falling star. He grew old cursing the talent of dancing. Eventually, dancing made his life miserable. He had to stop his schooling because he chose to dance in different places. But dance didn’t give him a shot at becoming a successful man. That’s why he’s the Great Wall of China between me and dance. He was never happy seeing me dance. He always told me, “You wanna end up like me, huh?”But that didn’t stop me; I knew that I could become something bigger. So I danced behind his back.  I danced in school so that it wouldn’t be so hard to make up excuses for late dismissals. I always told him that I was busy doing bulletin boards and investigatory projects blah blah… But I was actually busy practicing school presentations. But soon he found out, and he was so mad. He grounded me and I ended up locking myself in my room crying all day and all night long. Finally, I found the courage to talk to him. I told him that I would’t make the same mistakes he did. I promised him that I would finish my studies while dancing. He told me, “You make sure. You are only allowed to dance in school. Got it?”

Years  passed and my father and mother got separated. My mom couldn’t stay because of my father; being around him depressed her deeply. The next thing I knew, our money had run out and I had to stop studying for awhile. My world turned upside down. I felt like I was hit by a truck. I would cry all day, cry til my eyes were sore. But I saw my family picture and I remembered that I promised dad I would finish my studies as I danced. So I looked at myself in the mirror, wiped my tears and told myself, “Hey young girl. Don’t cry anymore. Remember the first time you spun and jumped and got hurt from dancing? You didn’t cry right? So now,  just stand up and try the whole routine again. Apply that into life. Stand up and try the whole routine again.”

So I started working after celebrating my debut. Thankfully, I got accepted after my first job interview. I became a Customer Support Representative of ePerformax Contact Centers and BPO. I waved goodbye to dance right after I signed my contract. I felt bad of course, but what could I do? I had to earn a living.

Everything was going well until I lost my voice. The doctor said my voice got palsied and I needed to take a rest until it got better, which meant I had to resign from my job. But i still had to save money for the upcoming semester, so I ended up becoming a cashier at Padi’s Point Restaurant and Bar.  I didn’t earn big money unlike when I was in the call center, but I can say that after three years of cashing out money, i really learned to love it. Surprisingly, Padi’s Point opened the doors of dancing to me once more. They appointed me to become the Ambassador of the Padi’s Point Theme Song. They asked me to choreograph the “Tara Na sa Padi’s” song. Together with some of the dancing servers, we choreographed Padi’s theme, which was used nationwide. It was being danced in twenty eight branches and I was even in the instructional video!

I found myself back on track and I danced in school again. I would study in the morning, dance in the afternoon and work in the evening. It was tiring but fun. Right now, I am a Dance Coach in VoicePower Talent Management and Events Organizer. I teach kids to do street dance. It is so cool, like I am a part of their dreams of dancing.

Now, I’m 21 and I’m a Pole kitten. I wanted to learn pole dancing because I always wanted to be something bigger. My life feels like my own personal pole. I would climb and then slip, but I would always climb again. I would do spins and fall and but would try to spin again. Polecats are part of my inspirations in dancing. My teachers always ask me  to squeeze my thighs, to point my toes, to smile even if it hurts. They are simply asking me to be strong. They are asking me to conquer my fears of falling from the pole; because if you trust yourself, then you can let go.

I am Ahlex Leyva of Beginners 1, continuing my journey in dancing.


REPOST FROM The Happy Lab: Labrats turned Polecats: A Foray into Pole Dancing

7 Feb

Here’s a blog entry from Pia, one of the authors from The Happy Lab. “Pia is a full-time mom and fitness junkie, who is willing to try anything (that doesn’t involve vicious animals or jumping off a perfectly good airplane) at least once.” (The Happy Lab)

When Chinggay asked me to attend a pole dancing class with her at Polecats Manila, I was a bit hesitant.  For one thing, I had just committed to aBarre 3 personal challenge (30 classes in 30 days, don’t ask me why); I was only a week in, so my body was still adjusting to the sudden exertion.  Also, I could already hear my daughters’ reaction to the idea — “There she goes again. Sigh.” — and while I’m always trying to encourage them to be open to new things and challenge their limits, I was worried that the idea of their mother strutting seductively around a stripper pole would push them a bit over the edge.  But then I ran it thru my personal litmus test (also know as the “Why not?” test, or better yet, the “What would Angelina Jolie do?” test), and it passed with flying colors.  Which is why last Sunday morning, Chinggay and I found ourselves clad in our shorty-shorts, 22 floors up in the heart of Ortigas Center, waiting anxiously for the pole dancing class to begin. CLICK TO READ MORE

RE-IGNITING PASSION: A Tomcat’s Pole Adventure

24 Jan

Even though most of us in the company are teachers, we have to admit that we also miss being students. There will ALWAYS be something new to conquer and old tricks to be improved.

The great thing about learning is that it knows no bounds and this is why we should take advantage of opportunities we’re faced with.

This is what AJ, our senior tomcat, did when he went to the US over the holiday break.

Here’s a quick summary of AJ’s US pole adventure!

My first stop was at the Shine Alternative Fitness studio in Las Vegas where I took a flexibility and private pole class with American Pole Fitness Silver Medalist David C. Owen. I also met 2011 American Pole Fitness Bronze Medalist Suwasit Ritthiphon that day. Talk about being surrounded by pole superstars!

Check out David’s and Suwasit’s videos!


My next stop was at the Twirly Girls Pole Fitness studio where I took a class with the studio owner, Bel Jeremiah, who other pole stars fondly call Mama Bel. I became good friends with a fellow pole enthusiast named Sean Michael (not the wrestler. That would be Shawn Michaels. Haha!)

twirly girl

With Bel Jeremiah (studio owner) and Patrick Lorange (student) of Twirly Girls Studio

I concluded mhy US pole adventure by attending a private class with the beautiful Phoenix Kazree at the Entangle and Sway studio.


With Phoenix Kazree, and my kindred polemate Sean Michael.

Phoenix Kazree gave us tips on how to be better pole performers, especially onstage. She greatly stressed on the importance of avoiding shortcuts and making every single movement big.

Isn’t she beautiful?!

Along the way you meet people who give you another reason to do what you love to do. Im fortunate enough to meet these beautiful pole souls.

Taking Flight

31 Dec

Everything starts with a little idea, a quiet musing. It happens in the shower, while driving, or doing the laundry. One tiny speck of an idea is all you need, and you already have the first ingredient for a great big reality.

Our idea was to come up with a name so we could form some kind of a club, print a shirt, take a few photos. And then we decided, “hey, maybe we can do a couple of performances too”. Which turned into, “you know what, it would be cool if there was a live band…”, which eventually became “i think we should perform with an orchestra”.


As you know, our story is made up of little stories all clumped up into one big picture. These little stories are the things you probably don’t see happening — organising events, painting walls, working on other skill sets, eating and laughing together.


Everything we have ever done as a group was always a step towards a bigger dream, a higher aspiration.


This year we found ourselves in the Wellness Alliance, made up of an awesome group of people who want every single person to have a chance to change their lives through fitness. Not only in body, but in heart and mind as well. Now we find ourselves on the 22nd floor of Strata 100, hoping to change lives every single day.


2012 has been an amazing year. We learned so much and gained so much that our cup is overflowing. So many great opportunities opened themselves up to us, and though uncertain on some parts, we decided to step out in faith and take them anyway. And we’re so glad we did, because all of these things are leading us to better things and higher ground.


Next year, we plan on beating 2012. From just a few pole classes, we have somehow morphed into a real pole school. Next year, we aim to elevate the aerial arts in the Philippines. We’ve all gotten stronger, more flexible, graceful and powerful because of pole, and it’s time to start something new. We’re going to allow you to push yourself farther and higher than you have gone before. And once again, we’re going to turn your world upside down.

Everything we are today started with one small idea. We giggled at the thought. Today, we marvel at the reality. We are now taking that small idea into 2013 and we are allowing it to take flight, and we hope to see you right there with us.


Have a fantastic new year everyone, and we’ll see you soon! :)


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