Why we love pole dancing

13 Jan

we love poles! all kinds of poles!

Let us count the ways….

1. We love how pole dancing makes us strong physically. Who knew we could carry our own weight? When there was a time that lifting 5lb dumbbells was torture, pole dancing classes have trained our bodies to be the lean mean fighting machines they are now.

2. Pole dancing has made us strong emotionally as well. It has taught us discipline and determination, pushing ourselves when we think we can’t do anymore. But at the same time it has taught us patience and self-acceptance, recognizing and respecting our body’s limits.

3. Pole dancing gives us freedom. When most aspects of society have very strict rules, pole dancing is free and creative. It gives us permission to be strong and sexy at the same time, without judgment. It gives us the opportunity to discover sides of ourselves, to experiment, to think of possibilities. It gives us the opportunity to play.

4. Pole dancing has given us each other. We love how pole dance classes have made us closer, and care for each other like sisters. Now we actually spend more time together eating and hanging out than pole dancing! 🙂

Do you love pole dancing? Tell us why 🙂

If you want to try pole dance classes in Manila, contact us! +63917-700-POLE (that’s +63917-700-7653). or check out our class schedule on our facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/polecatsmanila

We’ll see you soon, and we’re sure you’ll love pole dancing as well!


2 Responses to “Why we love pole dancing”

  1. catherine January 17, 2011 at 3:58 am #

    very well written! these are all the reasons why i love pole dancing too! 🙂

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