After That First Step, What Happens Next? Your Second Pole Class

19 Jan

After That First Step, What Happens Next? Your Second Pole Class

Ok, so you’ve taken that great big leap into the world of pole dancing. You’ve survived your first class. What now?

1. Come back for your second class ASAP!

The day after your first pole class you’d probably hate your instructor– your body hurts in places you can’t even name, you have a hard time lifting even your spoon. BUT! DO NOT GIVE IN! Rest for one day, maybe two. But you have to go back to your second class. Or else, your next class will hurt just as much as the first. OR, you’ll probably lose the nerve to come back again.

2. By now you’ll know if you’re the sweaty kind of person, or not.
Here are some questions from sweaty people:

a. I’m really sweaty, can I use grip aids?
Grip aids (grip powder, grip paste) are advisable for those whose hands are uber sweaty, that their safety is compromised. For everyone else, don’t be such sissies! You won’t get stronger if you rely on grip aids all the time.

b. Which is better– grip powder or grip paste?
I personally have both. I don’t use any during class. I use grip powder when learning a potentially dangerous new trick. I use grip paste for performances, for that, hmmm, extra grip. Remember– a little goes a long way!

3. Can my boyfriend watch?
Please buy a pole and get a room.

4. My boyfriend wants to try the class, can he?
Now this one we like! SURE!
For all the men out there, we will NOT make you wear: 1. speedo bikinis 2. dog collars 3. sequins. SO NO NEED TO FEAR! We will also NOT make you bump and grind, or lick your lips while dancing. We will teach you super awesome man stuff! Check out this photo of our Tomcat AJ. (But you can keep your shirt on.)

39579_442854669500_169538659500_5030229_5849477_n (1)

5. Oh no, I put on lotion this morning.
a. It’s probably gone by the evening, no? NOOOOOOOO.
b. If I don’t tell my teacher, will she find out? YESSSSSSSSS.

So I hope that answers some of your questions. If you have more questions, just post them at our page, and we will answer them to the best of our knowledge!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But you can’t stop with the first step, right? You gotta go take the next one.


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