Behind Closed Doors: What Really Happens in a Pole Dance Class

24 Jan

Behind Closed Doors: What Really Happens in a Pole Dance Class


Don’t you just love surprises??? If you don’t, then this one’s for you. Come to class mentally prepared with this class fact sheet!


1. It all starts with a chat.

We will talk to you. Find out why you want to learn pole dancing. You can ask us questions. You’ll have to fill out some forms, just so we know you’re healthy enough to do this.


2. Warm-up

Get those joints and muscles warmed up! Get your heart rate up, too. We won’t force you to do splits– but we will work on those.


3. The Routine

We will teach you a number– simple steps you can use anytime! We will also teach you basic pole techniques– spins and tricks!

Each step is tailored to a student’s ability, so no need to fear. Polecats classes focus on proper form, line, and technique. It might take more time to learn, but it’s safer, and once you get the basics, everything will be a bit easier.

Warning: This part will make you feel HOT!


4. Strength/Flexibility training

Here we will give you take-home exercises for strength and flexibility building.


5. Cool down

AHHHH. Everyone’s favorite part.


Bonus part: Freestyle

Polecats rehearsals follow the last class, and we always start our rehearsals with a dance. Stay after your cooldown and watch the Polecats perform. Watch and be inspired!


What to bring to class:

1. An open mind

2. Water

3. Towel

4. Heels (for intermediate classes only)




2 Responses to “Behind Closed Doors: What Really Happens in a Pole Dance Class”

  1. mitch araullo January 27, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    hello there.

    ive been trying to call your globe number but no one was picking up. i just have a few inquiries before i enroll as i am very interested to join your class.

    – would it be ok if i sit in to observe your class? do i have to give early advise for this or is it ok to just walk in?
    – are the 6 to 7, and 7 to 8 beginners classes the same level?
    – are the wednesday and saturday open level classes and saturday striptease classes covered in the P2888K monthly tuition.

    hope to hear from your group soonest.



  2. polecatsmanila January 30, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    Hi Mitch!

    You can text our hotline to give a heads up if you’re going to sit in 🙂 That way, we can also accommodate your questions and other whatnots.

    The 6 PM and 7 PM class are of the same level. Both are beginners classes. 8pm classes are intermediate level.

    ALL Polecats classes are Php400 per class, or Php2800 for 8 classes, to be used in 2 months. See you soon!

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