The Importance of Taking Care of our Bodies

9 Feb

I used to groan about my yoga classes, which, at 4000php a month, I thought was quite expensive. I loved yoga though. And I would go everyday, diligently.

After going for 6 months, I said, wait, I’ve spent so much already. But then I realized I was stronger, happier, calmer, more flexible. These were things that I couldn’t buy from the store, no matter how much I spent.

Around this time I was also talking to my classmate whose husband had just died. She told me, “You know, if you spend 4000 a month on yoga, that’s only 48,000 a year. On the other hand, we spent 50,000php a day for my husband’s hospital bills. He was in the hospital for 10 days. What’s 48,000php for a healthy body?”

So next time you get your paycheck– I think part of it should go to a health program. Sign up for circuit training at 360, do yoga, take a dance class. Get yourself a pair of proper running shoes. Or maybe just buy more fruits for your fridge. You wanna buy a dress? Well, don’t you think any dress will look and feel more awesome on a healthy body?

No extra income? No problem. Take a walk. Use the stairs. Skip that happy meal.

Let’s all remember– this body we have is the only one we’ve got. Let’s make sure we treat it well.


photo by Daemon Becker


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