Wincy Ong’s Ultimate Pole Playlist

23 Mar

Wincy Ong 2

Wincy Aquino Ong, in his six years after graduating university, has worked in the film/ TV/ advertising industry in various capacities as director, writer, producer, editor, musical scorer, VFX artist, photographer, production designer, and actor. He is currently directing his first full-length feature, San Lazaro, an exorcism movie starring Ramon Bautista. He jumped into a lifelong love affair with filmmaking after watching Tim Burton’s Ed Wood when he was a lonely teenager in high school. A boxful of pirated software and borrowed camera equipment after, he’s lived a dream come true by doing what he’s always wanted: telling stories with moving pictures. He will be studying Entertainment Business Management in Vancouver Film School in 2011. He plays keyboards and guitars for Us-2 Evil-0 and has a solo project named Patience Dear Juggernaut.

Today, Wincy shares with the Polecats his Ultimate Pole Playlist. Enjoy! 🙂

Wincy Ong

1) Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” – The sexiest bassline of all time. Ever. Let’s see how this translates to body movement.

2) of Montreal “Heimdelsgate Like A Promothean Curse (Chemicals)” – Mutant disco punk at its finest. Looks fun to see being danced to.

3) The Blow “Pile Of Gold” – Quite a fast song with 16th and 64th beats. Will be quite sweat-inducing, I imagine.

4) The Whitest Boy Alive “Can You Keep A Secret?” – Mid-tempo but hey, it’s another song with a sexy bass line. It’s always the bass line that makes people move their hips.

5) The Creation “Making Time” – A sexy punk rock song. Something more wild and louder.

To know more about Wincy, feel free to visit these sites:


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