Thank you Magic 89.9!

16 May

Summer is in the air! What better way to celebrate it than to head to the white sandy beaches of Boracay to enjoy the hot summer sun and the relaxing breeze.

Polecat Margaret Jade flies off to the island and brings home more than what she expected. 🙂


After a tiring 3 hour run, 10 challenges, and kilometers of sun and sand, Margaret together with our road manager Lester win 3rd place in the race. 

Thank you Magic 89.9 for hosting this great event! Hopefully more of the Polecats would be part of this next year!

But beyond the competition, the best reward are these new found frineds. Ish, Corinne and Rem 🙂

These lovely girls represent more than just the average athlete. They embody the confidence, strength and grace of the modern woman. Cheers to womanhood! Cheers to friendship!

Congratulations to Ish and Rem for being the overall winners of the race. A feat that is trully well deserved!


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