18 May

Here at Polecats Manila, we always road-test pole-related products to give our students informed suggestions.

First up: grip aids. What are grip aids? Grip aids are anything that can enhance your grip. As pole performers, we are highly dependent on our grip– slight and extreme sweating of the palms can severely affect our performance! That’s where grip aids come in.

A word of advice though: Use grip aids only when necessary. Regular unnecessary use is detrimental to your pole progress– you will be relying on the grip aid rather than strengthening your grip.


What it is: a liquid formula that enhances grip by repelling moisture.

How to use it: Put a couple of drops on your palms, spread evenly, airdry for 15 seconds. You’ll feel it working instantly. Hands feel drier at once!

Best for: minor palm sweating.

Pros: Does not feel sticky. You won’t even remember putting it on. It is very economical as well– just a couple of drops is enough to last an evening of pole dancing.

Cons: for minor palm sweating only. Not for those with extreme sweating.

Where to get it:

Price: $8.97 per 2 oz bottle, $5.97 per 1 oz bottle

Overall rating: 5 hearts. We love this product!


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