It’s the morning after our summer show Stellar…

5 Jun

It’s the morning after our summer show Stellar, and our students are on a Stellar high. Here, PoleKitten Lerie shares her thoughts on last nights camaraderie, costume, and chaos 🙂




by Lerie Martell on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 8:42am

Who could sleep?

Friday night was a blur! Dress rehearsals went well, but then again, there were those creeping worries: What if i don’t get that leg up for the gemini? What if I slip? What if I fall off? The pole is ok now, but tomorrow it’s gonna be bigger and moving…What if I can’t do my inverts? What if my mind gets wiped during the show? Are my costumes going to dry before i leave tomorrow morning? What if…what if…what if…

So needless to say, Friday night was sleepless…

I woke up feeling wired. 6AM didn’t smell promising. It looked like rain. I was awake even before my mom came in to wake me up. Breakfast was a few spoonfuls of rice and chicken nuggets. The teachers warned us against coffee as it messes up your flexibility, but i had to get my caffeine fix, so i settled for a small cup instead of my usual bowl-ful of cappuccino (I’m sorry teachers, I get bitchy when I don’t get to pump coffee in my system first thing in the morning…and it was 6 AM!!!). I couldn’t keep anything down.

Being too excited, I miscalculated the time—the sailors have agreed to meet earlier and have breakfast at mcdo greenhills around 8:30AM. It normally takes me an hour and a half to get to greenhills on a normal day. I forgot to factor in that it was a Saturday Morning and that it would only take me about 40 mins to get there without traffic. So…I was there at 7AM (yes…go ahead and laugh…). I got down from the bus morosely thinking of where to go since I had an hour and a half to mull over my stupidity. I decided to walk to Mcdo and wait there…lo and behold, the entire golden arched structure was boarded up. Ok, great…where do I go now? How do I look for them? I only had one member’s number. I texted Cha that Mcdo was closed for renov and that I was gonna go wait at starbucks. Being the geek that I was, I ordered some hot tea and took out a book.

I didn’t realize I’ve been reading the same page over and over again without even absorbing the text until Cha came in. We started to head to Teatrino to meet up with the others around 930 and saw a familiar figure at cofee beanery. It was Mela, familiar because she had her hair in rollers—in case you don’t get the jibe—her hair in ROLLERS inside COFEE BEANERY!!! haha! (Love you Mela!). 950 we started walking around to get to TEATRINO’s back door.

Passing through the back door I couldn’t help but feel like a true performer! The backstage was properly labeled, dressing rooms were assigned, the poles were being set up and the teachers were patiently arranging for us to sit according to dances. My palms started sweating and my heart starts to hammer. This is it! This is really a show!

My palms started sweating more as the teachers began expressing their frustrations at the late-comers…and believe me when I say, you never want to make any POLECAT angry. Call time was at 10 and it was already 1030. The atmosphere inside teatrino was getting uncomfortable as the teachers made their feelings obvious. We started blocking practices at 1040 and then had our lunch cut down to 30 mins as the effect of starting late. And thus, we have learned, our first lesson as performers. NEVER BE LATE. Come on time or atleast 30 mins early. Discipline is part of being a POLECAT.

After lunch was hair and make up! The aircon was finally turned on. Backstage was chaos! Bags are everywhere on the floor. Girls are curling each others’ hair here and there, food was being shared, there was laughter, nervous hugs, prayers, some are getting their groove on by listening to their ipods, some are biting their nails in anticipation. It was a roomful of scantily clad girls running around, doing splits and stretches you never thought possible, wearing make up, boas, boots, heels and sparkly costumes…any guy’s dream come true. For us, it was pure excitement, nerves and CHAOS! Just pure chaos, and I loved every single minute of it!

Soon it was 4PM, and it was time for the Final Run-Through of the entire show. It was the first time since last dress rehearsals that we get to try our spins and tricks on the staged poles. Most of us complained about the poles being slippery. Some of us even fell off. Generally, it went okay, but serious performers that we were, okay is not good enough. So some of them began talking to the poles—and i mean, literally talking to them like they were actually people who could hold them up during the show. “Dear pole, please don’t be slippery during the show. Be slippery during my spins but be sticky during my inverts…can you do that for me? Pretty please?” Okay, okay…that was me…but i wasn’t the only one! I could even hear one of the girls practically promise the world to a pole if it just got her through the entire thing unscathed! I swear, I’m not making this up!

One final boosting pep talk from our CD, a group hug and it was back to nerve-wracking waiting.

Final touches on make up, warm-ups outside to de-frost, spraynets going off everywhere, costume checks and then the doors of Teatrino opened at 630. Guests started pouring in, hugs from the teachers were given, last minute counting practices were done and the curtains went up! It was A-MAZING! The lights, the screams and shouts for support from people you could barely see, and yes, the catcalls…and the poles….the poles were AWESOME! Not a slip, not a fall, just graceful performances from each and everyone!

photo by Tricia Villar-Arellano

Backstage was controlled chaos by the amazing crew. Most of us forgot the rules of keeping quiet and staying within the taped lines due to the excitement. Everyone crowded at the sides to watch Sheng, AJ and finally our DIVA MOMMAS, the POLECATS! They were truly, jaw-dropping in hotness, super inspiring and total professionals as they performed their doubles tricks. I couldn’t help but wish I could get there someday soon!

Soon it was final Curtain Call, in which I made a mistake–shameful. And we all paraded around and were given roses (aww…) and were hugging and jumping and screaming”i love you’s”, and “i hate your thighs theyre so perfect”…lots of photos were taken, thank you’s and tears were even shed.

It was truly a wonderful, wonderful performance!!! A STELLAR NIGHT to remember! :)))

Thank you Polecats Family! I love all of you! :))


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