The Polecats Mid-Year Roundup

1 Jul

The Mid-Year Roundup
This is what we’ve been doing for the past 6 months.

It’s July 1. And as we end of the first half of 2011, we excitedly welcome the second half of this awesome year.

And just to keep ourselves in check, we review mid-year the things that we have done. It’s good to know where you’ve been, where you are, to know where you’re going.

Here it is, PolecatsManila’s first half of 2011:


We kicked off 2011 with YEAR OF THE POLE, held at our new home Gen Studios. It was a small party where we introduced the classes we will be offering. This was also the launch of our newest class Striptease Saturdays.


We wanted to level up the standards in pole classes. So, Polecats CD and Myla got certified with the International Pole Dance Fitness Association (IPDFA) and Viva Vertical. We updated our curriculum and syllabus. All instructors got first-aid certified.


We also met Mai Sato. Kayleen took a workshop under her when she flew to Malaysia.
Kayleen meets Mai Sato

We taught the first spinning pole classes in the Philippines!

We also had our men’s pole workshop.


We envisioned 2011 as also the year of fitness– we recognize that other disciplines would contribute to us as pole dancers, and vice versa, so we begin our cross training.

First up, our favorite workout place 360 fitness club. We come here to do TRX and circuit. Great total body workout!

Next is parkour with Parkour Philippines (PKPH). They train with us, we train with them. The result is a wonderful camaraderie and an awesome photo shoot.


Polecats Myla and Amaya took up gymnastics at Club Gymnastica.

CD and Margaret took belly class with Jill Ngo Crisologo at Peak Performance.

Of course, the cross training is also for our students. We worked with Inner Core Yoga to give our students a flexibility class designed to help our students with their splits.


This year we wanted to do collaborations with other artists, to further push the limits of pole dancing as an art form.

POLECATS VS Light with photographer James Oliver


POLECATS VS PKPH with Parkour Philippines and photographer Corinne de San Jose


POLECATS VS The Road with photographer James Oliver


And yes, of course, we wanted our own TV show! Polecat Kris hosts PolecatsTV where we take you behind the scenes of the Polecats life.

This year we’ve done 6 episodes! This here is our first one. Watch out for episode 7 coming soon 🙂


FunkPoleOthers is back!
We also did a series of orporate gigs, events, parties.

And of course, summer of 2011 marks a big event in the Polecats studio– our first student summer show Stellar!

Here’s our Finale number 🙂


We trained actress Angel Locsin for her movie In the Name of Love.

In the Name of Love

Also, we worked with Ciara Sotto and Sheree for RENT.

photo of Sheree as Mimi from 9works theatrical

We round up the first half of the year by joining the Singapore Pole Challenge, where Polecat Margaret took home Best Tricks, and Tomcat AJ Bautista won Best Choreography and was Open Category Champion. YEY!


This is Aj’s winning piece.

Here’s to a more exciting second half! Cheers! 🙂


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