Summer’s Here!

19 Feb

If the sweltering heat isn’t enough of a clue, summer is definitely saying “hello!” to us already. People have begun planning their beach getaways and mapping out their office leaves, all the while making Bikini Body Resolutions which, hopefully, will be fulfilled.

To help you fight off the heat while staying healthy, we dug up a simple drink from which can refresh you, and it’s full of antioxidants too!

Green Jasmine-Mint Iced Tea With Lemon

Green Jasmine

Steep your Jasmine Green Tea bag for 3 minutes in simmering water. Don’t steep it for too long, because it might get a little too bitter for your liking! Add some lemon and honey to taste, let cool and serve over ice! Voila! A simple drink that you can kick back with, over a good book and a light summer breeze. You’ll get the refreshing taste you need, minus all that sugar that we do love so much.

There’s a ton more of those recipes right here! Go and experiment, and maybe come up with your own healthy refreshment.

Happy, lazy Sunday everybody! Relax and rejuvenate yourself for another week of work and pole loving 😉


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