Polecats At the International Pole Championship 2012

25 Mar

Photo by Pong Ignacio

The Polecats were present in Hong Kong a couple of weeks ago to support our Tomcat during the International Pole Championship, where he bagged second place under the Pole Fit category.

Aj Winning

AJ winning his award! Photo by Pong Ignacio.

But aside from his awesome win, what turned us into gooey fan girls was the opportunity to watch live performances of some of the world’s most talented pole dancers.


The beautiful Jenyne Butterfly opened the show with a flawless performance. Photo by Pong Ignacio.


Photo by Pong Ignacio.

Not only that, since we are an unabashed bunch unburdened by shyness, we approached almost every pole star and posed for photos.


With LoLo!

W Nat

With Natasha Wang and her wonderful choreographer. Photo by Pong Ignacio.


With a barely seen Adam Tan.

J Mas Ka

Jenyne, Kazuya and Masayo.

We met so many more and have tons of photos which we will post soon on our Facebook so hop on over there and like our page if you haven’t just yet 🙂

Things haven’t slowed down at all since we got back from HK. We held the workshops with Natasha Wang immediately after, and now we’re preparing to move to our brand new studio. So many great things coming our way for 2012! We’ll make sure to keep you updated on all this blurry flurry of activities, just stay tuned! 🙂


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