When Myla Met Marlo

17 Apr

As teachers and performers, we need to constantly learn new tricks, whether through videos on the Internet or we discover things on our own. But whenever we can, we try to learn from the best. Recently, Polecat Myla Santiago had the opportunity to do just that.

As part of her vacation to the US, Myla took a private class with pole superstar Marlo Fisken. There is so much to say about this amazing dancer, fitness instructor, Pilates queen and hip-hop dancer! She embodies fitness and uses her passion to empower others. Check out her website since nothing we say can probably do her justice!

Needless to say, Myla woke up on the day of her class with Marlo nervous and incredibly excited. She and her husband, Bennett, took the bus to New York, and the ants in her pants left her restless in her seat.

The moment she stepped into the studio and saw Marlo, she was immediately starstruck. Her nervousness was obvious, and she giggled like a little girl with a highschool crush.

But Myla hardly had time to bask in her starstruck state, because her nervousness was quickly replaced by awe when she stepped into the lovely studio. The layout was organized and pretty, and the poles were so high!

During the private class, Marlo corrected Myla’s form, starting from the warm up to her spins up until her favorite move – the Aysha Split. She taught a lot of transitions and shared awesome tips about the different tricks that we pretty much learned on our own.

The class left our Polecat feeling extremely honored to have spent time with one of pole’s biggest celebrities, and learn the tricks of the trade from her. Marlo started pole late – just like most of the Polecats! She’s a fantastic person, a beautiful dancer and we hope to one day bring her to our humble studio so that we can all learn from her too 🙂


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