Fitness Friday: Improving Your Grip

4 May

This photo actually has nothing to do with the article. It’s just so fun and random that it must be shared!

Since we’re taking a rest from pole today (because we have to go full force on Saturdays, of course), we’re going to give you a little tip that could help improve your pole life. If you’ve taken at least one class, you know that having a strong, consistent grip can really help you with the different pole tricks you’re going to learn.

So this weekend, grab yourself a grip ball and do this exercise everyday:

1) With the grip ball positioned in the palm of your hand, let your fingers slowly squeeze around it. Hold this for 5 seconds, and then slowly let your fingers open up. Make sure you release the ball gradually. Repeat at least 10 times per hand.

2) Take the ball and place it in between your thumb and your index finger. Pinch the ball for 5 seconds and then do the same with all the other fingers.

3) Take one end of the ball with each hand, and slowly twist the ball. Do this at least ten times.

4) Pinch the sides of the ball with your fingers, and slowly pull away from each other, and then relax. Repeat at least 10 times.

Remember to do these exercises everyday so that you strengthen your grip and you get healthier hand muscles!


One Response to “Fitness Friday: Improving Your Grip”

  1. lollipop May 26, 2012 at 12:09 am #

    Funny picture! I like!

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