Fitness Fridays: Muscle Health

11 May

For this episode for Fitness Fridays, Kristine Warren drops by for a couple of tips on how to keep our muscles in tip-top shape. Kristine is a long time student (and friend!) of the Polecats, and a professional physical therapist and official PT of the Polecats. Read on and get those muscles ready for another round of pole madness!

With rehearsals for Stellar 2 going into full swing, we need to make sure that we keep our bodies, particularly our muscles, ready to take the challenges that each pole class brings.

1. To prevent muscle cramps, make sure you take enough fluids throughout the day. We need at least 2 liters of fluid (water/ sports drinks) for basic organ function. Muscle cramps are usually caused by dehydration, lack of minerals in your diet and muscle fatigue.

And you guys know how much we LOVE lightwater! All the great stuff minus the sodium :)

And you guys know how much we LOVE lightwater! All the great stuff minus the sodium 🙂

2. Rest is important for muscle recovery. It is during rest that we get “supercompensation”, meaning we get stronger muscles. In sports rehabilitation, rest does not mean lying down or sitting on the couch. We want to keep the muscles and the surrounding tissues moving. One way to do this is by getting a tennis ball or golf ball, and just roll it under your foot for a about a minute, 2 to 3 times on each foot. When you do this, the fascia (tissue covering the muscles) is relaxed or untangled relieving muscle tightness. Before you roll the ball under your foot, bend over and try reaching for your toes, stop when you feel tightness. After rolling the ball, do the same movement and check how much easier or more range you have now.

More for Fitness Fridays every week, so keep on checking in for more great tips from Kristine and other fun stuff with the Polecats 🙂


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