Ready to Take the Stage

22 May

The recital is just around the corner, and the students are becoming anxious as June 2 draws near. They want to give everyone a great show, and so they rent the studio after hours (sometimes, even before!) just so they can polish each move, perfect each trick, and train their toes to point beautifully on command. Most of them have never performed in front of a large crowd before, and they want their stage debut to be something they will never forget.

We want all of you to be there to witness this amazing moment in our students’ lives 🙂 We fondly call them our Kittens and Tigers, and they have been working so hard to make sure they give you a rock show like no other! The costumes are ready, the shoes are broken in and their dances are complete. And now it’s your turn to be a part of it all.

Drop by our studio and grab yourself a ticket now! You can choose from P300, P500 and P800 tickets, but wherever it is you decide to sit, we guarantee you a show that’s all about the love of pole 🙂


Thank you again to our great sponsors who made all of this possible! We hope to see you all at the AFP theater on June 2 🙂


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