All This Hoop-la

21 Aug

Okay, bad pun for a title aside, we are so incredibly excited for our hoop and silk workshop with Symone Dolai this September 1 🙂 So much so that we’ve been using company class time to prepare for it! Lots of heaving, tugging, groaning and scratching taking place, but thankfully pole has prepared our core for all the lifting and back bending that it involves.



Some tricks looks easy, like this one:


C360_2012-08-20-21-37-10 C360_2012-08-20-21-40-00

But this takes strength to be able to hold on to the hoop with just your elbow! The real talent though is smiling and looking happy while doing it. Haha!

There’s another trick that we’ve been learning on the pole but this time, we decided to apply it on the hoop. It’s a sort of variation of Cocoon – can anyone help us name this one?:)

IMG_4401 IMG_4396

IMG_4387  IMG_4386

We’ve been working on our back flexibility as well as lengthening our splits — and it’s definitely been paying off 🙂

C360_2012-08-20-21-38-36 C360_2012-08-20-21-29-16



There is still so, so much to learn and so much flexibility we need to attain, and we are gonna keep training harder so that we can share the knowledge and the exercises with all of you 🙂

Only a few days til our hoop and silk workshop takes place! We can’t wait to see all of you there 🙂


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