REPOST FROM The Happy Lab: Labrats turned Polecats: A Foray into Pole Dancing

7 Feb

Here’s a blog entry from Pia, one of the authors from The Happy Lab. “Pia is a full-time mom and fitness junkie, who is willing to try anything (that doesn’t involve vicious animals or jumping off a perfectly good airplane) at least once.” (The Happy Lab)

When Chinggay asked me to attend a pole dancing class with her at Polecats Manila, I was a bit hesitant.  For one thing, I had just committed to aBarre 3 personal challenge (30 classes in 30 days, don’t ask me why); I was only a week in, so my body was still adjusting to the sudden exertion.  Also, I could already hear my daughters’ reaction to the idea — “There she goes again. Sigh.” — and while I’m always trying to encourage them to be open to new things and challenge their limits, I was worried that the idea of their mother strutting seductively around a stripper pole would push them a bit over the edge.  But then I ran it thru my personal litmus test (also know as the “Why not?” test, or better yet, the “What would Angelina Jolie do?” test), and it passed with flying colors.  Which is why last Sunday morning, Chinggay and I found ourselves clad in our shorty-shorts, 22 floors up in the heart of Ortigas Center, waiting anxiously for the pole dancing class to begin. CLICK TO READ MORE


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