Pleased With My Pleasers

27 Jun

We learned how to pole dance bare-footed. We found it so much more comfortable to learn new tricks, especially the tougher ones, au naturel. Inspired by our pole idols, we worked on our lines and practiced our points — we really loved our feet!

We took this philosophy to the studio and made sure that our students learned all the foundations and basics on bare feet, to make sure that they learned everything properly and to avoid unnecessary injury.

But for a lot of performances, high heels are necessary for the costume or the concept, so we started to look for a brand that is stable, lightweight, comfortable and sticks to the pole!

That’s why we absolutely love, love, love our Pleaser shoes!




Pleaser shoes are perfect for learning how to dance in heels for the first time. They give the right amount of support and the height adds a lot of sexiness to your walk 😉

Here’s a testimonial from one of our students, Tin Villena, about her own collection of Pleaser shoes:

“I love shoes! Specifically with at least 4 inches of heels, since I’m petite. But most of the shoes I have, eventually kills my feet after a few minutes of wearing them. Then I saw the Pleaser shoes at the studio of Polecats. I checked them out, and even tried one on, even just for a few seconds. Teacher CD even saw me, and told me that those shoes are amazing. She said that you can even wear them when you go out on gimicks! So I checked the catalogue, and fell in love will almost everything on it. It felt like a dog drooling over a huge cut of steak.  So I ordered 5, and bought 1, which was in stock at the studio. Tried wearing one of them during the Polestars workshop (Polesque), and my feet didn’t even feel an inch of pain! Survived Pole In Heels class without my feet aching. I love them so much! Would definitely order more!”

If you want to have your very own pair of Pleaser shoes, then drop by the Polecats Manila studio and get them now! 🙂 You can also check out our other Pole Goodies over at the Polecats Manila website. Happy shopping! 🙂


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