Soie Lisse : Making Beauty Easy

30 Jul

For pole fitness fanatics, a beauty care regimen has to be simple and easy.  We’re usually too busy trying to figure out new tricks or spending money on grip aids instead of fancy shmancy beauty products. And even if our pole outfits are teeny tiny, they can still get pretty pricey!

But that doesn’t mean we take our skin and beauty care for granted. We simply want to focus on products that do the job without all the fuss. Three main things are important to us: Effectivity, accessibility and value for money. Most of the time, it’s hard to find all three things in one place. That is, until we met Soie Lisse.


French for “smooth as silk”, Soie Lisse is the answer to every busy pole lover’s personal care needs. With just one click of a button, you can find yourself in an online store that has a diverse roster of high-quality products for a simple yet effective beauty regimen. Their choices range from skincare, makeup, hair and body products that are carefully selected for us Asian beauties. Yet another reason to check it out!

These are just some of the awesome products that you can find at Soie Lisse. A lot of the products are local-made too!

This online beauty store is a perfect place to visit for those lull days in between pole classes 😉 Since their products are made especially for our Asian beauty, you can be sure to have hair that’s easy to flip during your number, or skin that doesn’t dry and flake during continuous pole days!

So come one ladies, all it takes is one easy-peasy click on this link, and you’ll find a wonderful online shopping experience that will enhance your beauty regimen. Discover the perfect product for you today! 🙂

{For more information on Soie Lisse, you can email email or
You can also visit their facebook page.}


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