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What’s more interesting than seeing sexy ladies dancing on poles?
Watching sexy ladies dancing on poles to the music of the Manila Symphony Orchestra, and being joined by Parkour Philippines.

Catch Polecats Manila as they celebrate their 2nd year anniversary in “Polarity”, this coming October 16, 2011 at the Philamlife Theater! Hit the jump to find out some things you ought to know about this special show:

1. The premiere pole dancing group will be performing all-original choreography. I’ve seen some of the routines, and it’s definitely going to be wild – from group performances, to pole doubles, and more!

2. As I mentioned above, Polecats Manila will be performing with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. But what’s more exciting about this is the fact that the 20-piece orchestra will be playing their arrangements of famous OPM songs from bands such as Pupil, Up Dharma Down, The Out of Body Special, SinoSiKat?, Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus, Sugarfree, Pedicab, and the Eraserheads!!

3. Parkour Philippines will be having a special performance. Now can you even imaging how they’re going to do that? Just expect a lot of running, and some high flyers on the show.

4. Home to a lot of big shows, Polarity will be held at Philamlife Theater. From what I’ve been told, the venue has incredible acoustics. It’s perfect for listening to MSO’s amazing arrangements.

5. This is a one night only performance, and it’s important that you go especially since this is the first time that an event like this has happened in the history of pole dancing. Polecats Manila + Manila Symphony Orchestra + Parkour Philippines + OPM; how can you go wrong with this combination??
So again, if you guys want to watch a great show this weekend, catch “Polarity”: The Polecats Manila Second Year Anniversary show!

Tickets are priced at P1500, P1000, and P800. For more details, click here.

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