Polecats Manila


photo by Daemon Becker at Pioneer Studios

Polecats are not in the business of limits—we believe in pushing it. We are not in the business of boundaries – we find ways to go beyond it. We are not in the business of stereotypes—everyday we break it.

We are in the business of the extraordinary.

Polecats are taking pole dancing to new heights. We believe that every trick, climb and spin can become strength, grace and art. As a performance group, Polecats deliver fluidity in motion, with performances that fuse ballet, jazz and gymnastics. Every performance is a reminder that the extraordinary is our specialty.

As teachers, we aim to show every student that no matter their size, height or history, they are still capable of defying gravity. Equipped with the most professional equipment, Polecats are the only group in the country with internationally certified instructors. We do not only offer classes, we offer a community of encouraging and engaging students who bloom into their own brand of beauty.

Polecats aspire to elevate every individual to a level they never thought they could reach—on the pole or off of it. It’s time to turn your world upside down. Join the Polecats.

Be a part of the confidence crusade! Join the Polecats!


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