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RE-IGNITING PASSION: A Tomcat’s Pole Adventure

24 Jan

Even though most of us in the company are teachers, we have to admit that we also miss being students. There will ALWAYS be something new to conquer and old tricks to be improved.

The great thing about learning is that it knows no bounds and this is why we should take advantage of opportunities we’re faced with.

This is what AJ, our senior tomcat, did when he went to the US over the holiday break.

Here’s a quick summary of AJ’s US pole adventure!

My first stop was at the Shine Alternative Fitness studio in Las Vegas where I took a flexibility and private pole class with American Pole Fitness Silver Medalist David C. Owen. I also met 2011 American Pole Fitness Bronze Medalist Suwasit Ritthiphon that day. Talk about being surrounded by pole superstars!

Check out David’s and Suwasit’s videos!


My next stop was at the Twirly Girls Pole Fitness studio where I took a class with the studio owner, Bel Jeremiah, who other pole stars fondly call Mama Bel. I became good friends with a fellow pole enthusiast named Sean Michael (not the wrestler. That would be Shawn Michaels. Haha!)

twirly girl

With Bel Jeremiah (studio owner) and Patrick Lorange (student) of Twirly Girls Studio

I concluded mhy US pole adventure by attending a private class with the beautiful Phoenix Kazree at the Entangle and Sway studio.


With Phoenix Kazree, and my kindred polemate Sean Michael.

Phoenix Kazree gave us tips on how to be better pole performers, especially onstage. She greatly stressed on the importance of avoiding shortcuts and making every single movement big.

Isn’t she beautiful?!

Along the way you meet people who give you another reason to do what you love to do. Im fortunate enough to meet these beautiful pole souls.

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