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12 Shiny Shimmering Splendid Poles (and More Surprises For You!)

31 Jul

The past couple of Sundays have been busy, busy days at the Polecats studio! Amaya and Myla, with their Police AJ and Bennett, spent so many hours drilling holes, checking poles, tightening bolts and screws and fixing wires and cords so that nothing gets in our way during our classes:)


Thankfully, we’ve got such helpful Police who are always willing to offer their services and talents to make sure that our studio is always in tip-top shape!


So now, we have 12 shiny, splendid poles in our studio! All original X-poles, 4 sport (static) and 8 spinning. We’ve got ten  45mm poles, one skinny 40mm pole and one chunky 50mm pole. The height of these poles are a whopping 11.5 feet! Time to get over that fear of heights 😉


Here’s AJ “Spiderman” Cairo, who spent 5 hours up in the beams to drill holes for our next surprise —


What do you think these hooks and screws are for? 😉 YOU’LL FIND OUT TOMORROW! 😀

But just to give you a clue — your teachers at Polecats Manila are committed to CONSTANTLY learning new things from the best, to make sure you always have quality education.

And now we’re going to be giving you something new to look forward to. Do you have an idea what it is? Tell us your guess!:)

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