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Ellie’s Ultimate Pole Playlist!

4 Mar

So it’s been a while since we’ve done this, and it’s just apt that we end our quiet Sunday with some more sexiness. You know, to prepare us for another week of the daily grind. 

Ellie is a DJ on Jam 88.3, and every Wednesday she makes 5-track mixtapes for the Lambert and Mike Show  (catch her from 9-12 midnight). Polecats Kris and Amaya met her when they guested recently, and asked her to make a special one for the Polecats!

So here is Ellie’s Wicked Wednesday Mixtape specially made for us. Enjoy folks, and a sexy Sunday to all of you! 

1. Tonight by Lykke Li
2. Call of the Wild by Florrie
3. My Delirium by Ladyhawke
4. Rich Girls by The Virgins
5. The Uncomfortable Truth by Nneka
6. Sick and Beautiful by Artificial Joy Club
7. Service Bell by Grizzly Bear feat. Feist
8. Sandpaper Kisses by Martina Topley-Bird

If you want the music, you can get the download link here!

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