Here’s a blog entry by one of our Beginners 2 students Joan Odeh. Read as she tells the story of her first day in class. Thank you Joan for this wonderful article. 🙂


I remember my first day attending the class.. I was really nervous. I thought everyone would be staring at me, judging me. But it was the total opposite. Everyone was so cool. They were having a good time and staying focused and so was I. This class has given me a sense of accomplishment every time I go in there. I remember when I couldn’t even get up the pole… I hated the pole. Then finally one day I was at the top. It was such an AMAZING feeling. I’m enjoying it and actually planning to buy one for my house hi hi hi. It is WELL WORTH the money! The first few times I went to the studio, I was like amazed! It makes you work your muscles that you didn’t even know you had! Its a great workout, and its fun! All of the girls at the studio are so helpful and fun to work with. They made me feel very welcomed on my 1st day! It helped knowing I wasn’t going to get laughed at too!

Taking classes at POLECATS has given me a more positive outlook on things. I’m less shy lol (walang kokontra)!! lol……….The confidence gave me strength and accomplish new moves which encouraged me to try harder and what I cherish most is what I have gained. I have gained new friends (Rj Regalado, Mary Grace Elardo ,Cheriza Stewart) and a lot more and all the girls are very supportive. They actually get their energy and motivation from each other. I also gained strength and flexibility but most of all my sense of self. I have confidence now that no one can take away from me and that I enjoy that the most! Muscle Strength is one thing but Strength of Self is the greatest accomplishment which I have gained at POLECATS.

After a few weeks of taking classes at POLECATS, I became addicted. I am learning to be less critical of myself and enjoy the body I am in. It has unleashed something in me I never thought I possessed. I’m doing things I didn’t think I could do and it continue to encourage me to do more. My arms are much stronger, my moves are more graceful, but most importantly my confidence is OFF THE HOOK!

I thank you POLECATS (Christina Dy, Myla Tan and Kayleen Ortiz) for given me not only confidence and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. You guys really know how to explain to do the moves and I’m loving it!! You give that extra little push we need to strive harder to reach our goals. You guys are so talented and such a wonderful instructors. You truly boost my confidence, the level of fun, and work as hard to receive great results. Thank you! Without you we wouldn’t have the kind of passion we do about what we do. “I love my class! I feel so empowered! I can’t wait for the next class! YOU Guys are Great!


These classes are for ALL types of women- big,(im one of that ) little, married,(again i’m in that) single, etc!! All the instructors rock!!! and you are getting healthy at the same time!!
To any woman who has never considered this, I HIGHLY recommend it!!!
This class is the best investment you can make for yourself.

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