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Last week, two awesome bloggers came to visit our Beginners 1 pole dance class. Kristel of Tel Wanders and Hannah of Flair Candy joined us for an afternoon of fun, fitness and dancing. Here’s Kristel’s blog entry. We’ll be posting Hannah’s soon. To know more about Kristel, you may visit her blog at Tel Wanders. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. We hope to see you in class again. All the love! 🙂


Get Fit by Pole Dancing with Polecats Manila

One of the things in my bucket list is to try out pole dancing. I am always seeking for new things to experience and I am also amazed at how people can be graceful while doing a pole dance. I wanted to try so bad I bought a coupon which I ended up not using because I was sick almost every other week from December of last year to early March of this year.

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I was psyched when Hannah asked me when I am free to try this out with Polecats. And so we ended up visiting the next day. Although the moment Hannah and I were confirmed to go, I began feeling anxious and excited. To let go of the anxiousness, I made sure I came prepared.

Two most important things to remember are:
1. No lotion application allowed – due to my skin asthma, I couldn’t do this thus I still applied except on my inner thighs (don’t kill me CD! ). My skin is as dry as hell even if I put on lotion and staying at an air-conditioned place was going to be pure torture for me. But for you girls out there, no lotion is allowed because friction is extremely needed.

2. Wear short shorts – tight fitting shorts recommended for your comfort and for you not to display anything you wouldn’t want others to see. Although it is an all girls class and no boys are allowed to watch.

If you have time to prepare, pack towels to wipe off your sweat, bring drinking water, slippers to wear after as the dance is done in bare foot and lastly, your game face/body also known as your sexy attitude. First timers have to come in 15 minutes before the scheduled class because there are short forms to be filled out.

Polecats Manila is the only organized pole dancing group in the country. The instructors are internationally certified recognized by International Pole Dance Fitness Association. Add the fact that they use professional grade genuine x-poles and x-stages and you are in the safest hands possible to learn how to pole dance.

Having absolutely no strenuous physical activities lately, I am glad the session started with a warm up that composed mostly of stretching. And then we beginners were introduced to learning different movements, spins in particular, done during pole dancing.


After doing each movement thrice, CD, one of our instructors, made sure that we were doing the right positions and gave advices so as to improve our movements. And then we were off to do climbs, and by climb I mean lifting oneself. Yes, lifting your own weight. It was holding yourself up in the air by gripping the pole. It was quite difficult for me I only managed to hold myself up for a split second (literally). But as advised, practice, practice, practice.


The last part of the class would be a performance of the steps and movements put together. It is a dance class after all. After which, cooling down was what we did. See some of the moves during our first session captured by Hannah of FlairCandy.combelow, although I looked awkward most of the time. Haha.

Aside from the physical work-out and the technical moves, I believe pole dancing makes you look leaner and longer. It trains you to be more aware and concentrate on the movements of your body but at the same time, trusting your intuition. And because it’s a dance, flirty attitude and grace should also be imbibed during the performance in the class.

Albeit the sweat and a hint of hunger, I felt empowered and confident after the class. I thought we were not going to use a pole at all since it was our first time. But I ended up doing spins and attempt to hold myself up in the air. It was great. Pole dancing is one of the ways a person can just be themselves, let go and dance. It was so much fun.


If it were not for the conflict in schedule and the location, I would continue taking lessons regularly. Though I read somewhere that people are starting to ask for them to conduct classes in Makati, so I will watch out for that. Until then, I hope I can drop by once in a while.

But for the rest who can conveniently go to Ortigas area and can make time for this, I tell you it’s so worth it. Plus, they are having a summer recital in June and pictorial is not until the 30th of April so it’s not yet too late to join.
So, do you want to meet like-minded fun people while being physically fit by learning a sexy new skill? Get in touch with them below.


Polecats Manila
Gen Studios, 3/F Pearl Plaza Pearl Drive Ortigas.
(same building as Starbucks and Pancake House, across UA&P)
(63 917) 700-POLE (+63917-7007653)
Add them up in Facebook and Twitter and visit their blog as well.
Special thanks to Hannah for tagging me along and for taking photos and videos of me. And to Myla Tan, Christina Dy and the rest of the Polecats for an awesome pole dancing class!

See article here:

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