Kyla – Diaries of A Pole Girl

Thank you for blogging about your experience with us Kyla! We hope you continue growing with us, both as a pole dancer and as a person 🙂 If you want to visit Kyla’s blog, you can click here.

This is the journey on how I found another love of my life.. No its not a person. Its a sport, and with this new love I also found a group of people that came along with it. 🙂

Mid 2010, I veered away from the hectic life of Events Management and try my hand in the Advertising world. There I found a group of different people who had different interests and we all worked in one office. One of them, the writer for the brand I handled is also a sports and exercise nut like me. Well she took it to a higher level, since she would run marathons on a regular basis. I on the other hand was still in search of something that would get my blood pumping. One boring day in the office, out of the blue I said that I wanted to try Pole Dancing. Yes Pole Dancing. Its not the most usual sport/ at that time form of exercise since mostly when people hear Poledancing they immediately think its a stripper thing. I looked around the net and saw a few Studio’s offering this but it was all a lil too far from work and the schedules they had would always be a contradiction to my office hours. So that kinda left my curiosity for this open-ended.

2011, I found a new love. I found someone who had the same principles as I do, someone who would keep me close but I had no absurd or unreasonable restrictions, someone very supportive and chill. (you have no idea how hard it is to find someone like that nowadays.) At this time, our relationship was at a steady place, and from time to time I would tell her (yes her) that I would like to get into a sport.. something like Poledancing. And she was thrilled! She know how much I wanted and needed something to keep me sane. 🙂 Thus starts our quest to find the perfect studio!

So we both started searching for all the studios that offered this. We had quite a list, not long but longer than what we expected. We looked at each of the profiles and from there we found one place that I felt I would be most comfortable in. One place where it seemed like, my basic requirements for a sport was being offered.. What is that? Teaching the BASICS. See, I was a gymnast mostly and that was my first ever sport. So all I know about how to be healthy had everything to do with gymnastics. There they teach us that the Basics/ Fundamentals/ Techniques are very important (as in life) and without that it will be harder (close to impossible as a russian coach told me) to reach and achieve the harder skills. Since that is all I know about what a sport should have, that is what I needed to see in the different profiles of all the studios. AND I FOUND ONE!

Its called Polecats Manila.

I started as a walk-in student just to see if they actually taught the basics first, since their website did mention that they are certified instructors. And of course to see if it was fun as well. Last August, we visited them in GenStudio to take my first class ever. I was nervous as hell, I felt like it was my first day in school all over again. New people, new challenges and a very different environment. So we walked in the studio signed-up and filled up forms. The first class I ever been to started on time (which for me is a very good sign, they had discipline), warming up with them was pretty good, it wasn’t the lame ass warm up that really did nothing to stretch you. Then my teacher showed us how to hold the pole, what to do and what not to do (another good sign, safety precautions were being followed) The class was fun and challenging, so i automatically thought if the first day challenged me right away what more the coming days. After my first class I was hooked! I opted to purchase the class card the following day. And that started my love for Pole.

I love how the Polecats are very supportive, they would cheer all the students on when they get to accomplish a new trick/spin. And when we couldn’t get them right away, they would always give us encouraging words which made me, personally strive harder. No matter what level you are in, no matter which Polecat taught you, they would always push their students to do better, they would share their lil secrets on how to they figured out that trick. Which for me is absolutely great. It shows me that their goal is to really spread the POLE LOVE. After a few months of spending time with them, after a whole lot of bruises (OH THE BRUISES) and body pains I decided secretly that my goal is to be a Polecat! I wanted to be a part of their group performing, competing and of course spreading the Pole Love to all those who are willing to fall in love with this unusual sport. I wanted to be a professional pole dancer. I wanted to be one of the best the country will offer. I wanted all this, but I had a feeling Polecats was not into recruiting students, especially a newbie like me, who couldn’t do much. But that didn’t stop me from going to class, and always giving it my best.

Fast forward to today, April 2012. I am still hooked with it. I am soo hooked that I would spend hours searching and watching performances of International Pole Athletes. My girlfriend would always say I’m addicted a lil too much. But hey if I am really serious with something, if I love what I am doing, its not that bad to be addicted to it, right? So the tricks are getting harder, the strengthening exercises are tougher, the pressure is sooo on! But one thing I can say about the Polecats.. They are a group of different individuals, different backgrounds and they work in different industries, but one thing is for sure they all strive to raise the level and understanding of the sport. They genuinely and truly share the pole love.
And that so far is my love affair with this sport..

Polecats Manila, Turning your exercise upside down! 🙂

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