Valerie, one of our Beginners 2 students shares the story of how pole dancing helped her through one of the most difficult moments in her life. We are grateful to have been used as instruments and witnesses to her magnificent transformation.


Broken Heart? Climb a Pole!

I believe every girl has been to where I have just gone through. And every girl bounces back differently from it. I chose to cure my broken heart by climbing a pole!

My boyfriend of more than 3 years has left me for a girl he once cheated on me with, last December. Worse than this, she’s one of my closest friend’s niece, and hey, all three of us work in the same damn building. So i get to pour salt on my open wounds almost every single day.

Added to this, was the fact that I felt like a discarded trash rag, left out in the sun to dry. I was literally left with nothing but lots of extra pounds, a huge tummy (and no, it wasn’t a bun in the oven!), flabby thighs and arms, dry flat hair, an empty bank account, and the sinking feeling that I left my self-confidence back in his apartment. Needless to say, I felt FUGLY. I hated myself. I have lost my mojo.

In my quest to find it again, and divert all the energy i spend crying and asking everyone “Why?!” (and in some dramatic cases, wail “WHY, GOD, WHY?!”), I found myself entering the doors of GenStudios and gaping openly at the POLECATS.

One of my bestfriends, Marsy (who have stuck thru with me even when i was being pathetic!), was looking for poledancing classes and i was looking for hiphop (i thought, at that time, that this was how i could lose all those extra pounds, fast!). Coincidentally, we found the same studio. The day we crossed that threshold, and chatted with the awesome CD, was what turned my pathetic life around.

As we watched them do their tricks and spins, I thought, rather smugly (and mayabang na!), that I could definitely do that! Piece of cake! —until I got on my first class. I wanted to go home halfway through warm-up and then start giving Marsy a slow, painful death by bashing her repeatedly with that pole! (I love you, Marsy! hahaha!) I was like, “What the hell did I get myself into?”

But then again, that was the first night in WEEKS that I fell asleep without crying! It might have been because I was bone-tired, or because I suddenly had visions of myself performing gracefully on the pole–i don’t know. But after weeks of feeling lost, it was the first time I felt that I have finally made a right turn.

And now, four months and 24 sessions later, I have shed 8 lbs, lost 2 inches off my “muffin top”, had my hair curled and started putting on make-up whenever I felt like it! I’ve gained back my self-confidence (sometimes even bordering on narcissism… ^^;) and have never felt so physically healthy! Needless to say, I’ve started finding myself, and she’s this new person I’m really starting to like!

BONUS! People at the office are so proud of me for having the best post-break-up look! (People I don’t normally talk to, but know the story, actually stop me and say, YAN! GANYAN LANG NG GANYAN, VAL! YAN ANG INIWAN NYA! BONGGA! Hahahaha!). (– but then again, they could just be saying that because they’re all mad at my ex and his new gf! — i dont really care!^^; as long as i feel great about ME!)

And SUPER BONUS! I have gained new, awesome, funny, smart and SUPER HOTTTT friends!

So, thank you POLECATS!!! You have helped me find my STELLAR self once again! 😉



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